About the Alliance of Parents & Teachers

An Organization Dedicated to Support OSA

We are the Alliance of Parents and Teachers, an Oakland School for the Arts organization of parents, faculty, and staff in support of OSA students and academic programs. Our goals are to promote open communication among parents, teachers, and administrators; encourage parental involvement in school activities; and promote and develop school and community partnerships for academic excellence. Our purpose includes the following:

  • Providing enrichment programs for students
  • Strengthening communication among the academic administration, staff, parents and students
  • Supporting teachers through volunteer assistance such as classroom aides, talent bank, chaperones and tutoring

The Leadership Team

Mark Lecker President
Jolie McRae Secretary
Matt Lipner Secretary
Stacy Strub Treasurer
Laurel Halsey Assistant Treasurer
Meg McAdam VP of Communications
Meg McAdam Newsletter Chair
Josh Sens Backup Newsletter Chair
Jason Buckley Webmaster
Melanie Marcus Fundraiser Chair
Sandy Swing Volunteer Chair
Tasion Kwamileie VP of Community Support
Kate Wadsworth Parent Education Chair
Corean Todd Parent Education Chair

Download our IRS Tax Exemption Letter as proof of tax exempt status under section 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code. The APT’s EIN is 27-4530892.

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