APT Communications Guidelines

  1. The APT (Alliance of Parents and Teachers) uses the Konstella platform for all communications to the OSA parent community.  Parents can also send out their own communications on Konstella to their respective classroom, committee or social group.
  2. There are online resources for parents who have non-emphasis related questions about OSA:
    1. The Parent Q&A social group, the High School social group and the Middle School social group on Konstella are ways for parents to post questions about OSA.  Our VP of Communications checks those social groups on a daily basis and will find out answers to questions and reply to the group.
    2. There is an FAQ page on the APT website that can answer many of your general questions:  https://aptosa.org/faqs.  If you think that a topic should be covered, please let us know!  
  3. A parent who wishes to start a Konstella social group about a particular topic may do so.  The parent who creates the group must take the role of moderator (please see below). In addition, parents can also join a social group they feel is applicable to them.  In order to ensure that families feel free to express themselves freely and safely, we ask all families to adhere to the following guidelines:
    1. Please do not troll on Konstella.  Inflammatory and derogatory comments, personal attacks, and intentionally sowing discord is not appropriate and will not be tolerated.
    2. Any committee, social group or classroom you join must be applicable to you (e.g., a high school parent should refrain from joining a middle school discussion group).  Joining other groups for the purpose of a blast mailing, etc. can lead to suspension from the Konstella platform.
    3. When sending communications to a group you joined, the content should be related to the purpose of that group.
    4. If you decide to moderate a social group, please ensure that members adhere to the above mentioned guidelines.
  4. All-school Konstella blasts are reserved for official announcements from OSA and the APT only.  Other parent groups should post communications via the APT newsletter. Submissions can be sent to osanews@aptosa.org.


Moderator Agreement:

The communication guidelines for Konstella social groups must be adhered to in order for the social group to remain active.

The creator of the discussion group agrees to take responsibility for monitoring the conversations and to moderate if and when necessary. If we find that a particular group continues to violate the guidelines after fair warning, the APT Board reserves the right to remove it.


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