Connect with Konstella

Dear OSA Community, The Alliance of Parents and Teachers at the Oakland School for the Arts (the APT) has adopted Konstella as our official communications tool. We use Konstella for many things, including emailing announcements and maintaining an integratable school calendar. Additionally, it allows parents to communicate directly with each other or with groups of parents, to connect with parents with similar interests through the use of “Social Groups”, and provides a place to go ask a school-related question. The APT has a Vice President of Communications whose role includes managing Konstella and monitoring parent questions and feedback in an effort to respond to parents quickly and accurately. While the academic teachers at OSA will continue to use PowerSchool as an effective communications tool, the OSA administration and Arts staff are collaborating with the APT to take advantage of the many powerful features of Konstella as we commit to a joint effort to streamline and improve communication.

Please also see our Communication Guidelines for more information.

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