Connect with Konstella

Dear OSA Community,

This year, the Alliance of Parents and Teachers at the Oakland School for the Arts (“APT”) is introducing a new online tool to keep everyone up-to-date on announcements, events and sign-up opportunities. Once we have achieved a critical mass of the parent community, we will transition our existing parent Google Group to this platform, which also includes a parent/guardian directory where you can control how much information is shared.  The name of the communication tool is Konstella, and it is both secure and private.

You will be receiving an invitation email from me to join the APT-OSA community on Konstella. The email will contain a link at the bottom labeled, “Join Oakland School for the Arts” that will take you to the sign-up page. Once you create an account, you will be able to add your student(s), assign their classroom(s) and set up your privacy preferences for the directory. It is simple and quick and will just take a few minutes.  It is important that you assign your student to the appropriate classroom so that you receive relevant communications.

We highly recommend that you also download the Konstella iPhone/Android app, to stay connected with our school even while on the go. Konstella is a powerful tool that we will use to manage certain events, outreach and more.

If you prefer to sign-up for Konstella using an alternate e-mail address, please visit, find Oakland School for the Arts and then enter your information.  We will approve your request as soon as possible. APT members will also be available at various back to school functions to assist and answer any questions you have.

Thank you for your participation!


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