How does my student get their schedule?
Incoming students will receive their can pick up their class schedules in the Student Center on 18th street for middle school and in the Black Box on 19th street for high school.  Otherwise, your schedules will be posted in PowerSchool the week before the start of school.

How do I get login credentials for PowerSchool?
Incoming families will receive login credentials via email.

Returning families can use their same login credentials from last year.

Where should my student go on the first day of school?
Middle School Students typically enter at the 18th Street entrance. High School Students typically enter at the 19th Street entrance. They will be greeted when they arrive and instructed on where to go.

What should my student bring on the first day of school?
A pen and a pencil (for math) and a notebook; (details of what you need for each class will be in the course syllabus).  

A lock for your locker that will be assigned in class.

Lunch (microwaves will be available to heat food for middle schoolers), money ($3.75) to purchase school lunch for those buying school hot lunch and for high school students to buy lunch off campus.

Each Emphasis will provide information about what to bring at the Welcome events during the week before the start of school.  Please attend if you can or notify your Emphasis contact if you cannot attend so they can get the supply list to you.

Instruments are stored in the Newberry building on Telegraph across the street.  Doors open at 7:30am on the first day of school and at 7:45am daily.

What time should I pick up my student on the first day of school?
The first day of school is a Monday full day. Middle School will is at 3:20 and High School is released at 4:15, except for Wednesdays. Wednesday is a short day; middle school gets out at 12:45, high school at 3:20. The official bell schedule is here.

Is there a hot lunch program?
Yes.  OSA’s hot lunch program is provided by the Oakland Unified School District.  Please fill out an application for free and reduced lunch by visiting https://mealapps.ousd.org, even if you do not plan on using the hot lunch program. If you qualify, you will also be eligible for reduced fees for SAT tests, etc.

Is there homework the first week of class?
Homework assignments are at the discretion of the teacher.  Homework may be given to students during the first week of class.

Do you have to change for PE/Can you change for PE? Where?
Students do not typically change for PE. If a student wants to change, they may do so in a bathroom.

Is there an after school program?
From the Student Handbook:  “At the end of the school day all student must leave campus or be in a supervised activity such as tutoring with a teacher or designated adult or be in a rehearsal. For safety reasons, students are not allowed to remain on campus unsupervised. Details on the after school program are here.

Additionally, there may be after-school activities offered by either OSA or outside vendors.  These activities will be announced to the parent community once they are secured. Please note that there may be a fee for some of these programs.

How does drop off and pick up work?
Middle School students are typically dropped off and picked up at the 18th Street entrance.
High School students are typically dropped off and picked up at the 19th Street entrance.

Campus supervisors manage traffic by the school entrances.

Please avoid blocking the flow of traffic as well as the garage of our neighboring apartment building.
Parents often use the San Pablo Ave parking lot to drop off and pick up. Please pull into a space and do not block the entrance or exit of the parking lot.

Is there a Dress code?
From the Student Handbook:  “It is the intention of these guidelines that students be neat, clean and appropriately attired so that they can take part in the regular activities of the school day. Students should dress so as not to visually distract other students, nor disrupt the educational experience. Clothing must be correctly sized; no overly tight or sagging clothes.”

What is the process for taking kids out of school?
Speak to the guard at the front desk. They will call the main office and send you upstairs. Check in with Ms. Jones in the main office. She will contact your student’s teacher and have them sent to the main office to be picked up. Sign out your student.

How do I report absences?
Send an email to attendance@oakarts.org and include first name, last name and grade level for student being reported absent. If you do not have internet access, call 510-873-8800.

How do I sign up for Konstella?
All parents should receive an invitation at the email address registered with the school. If you prefer to sign-up for Konstella using an alternate e-mail address, please visit www.konstella.com, find Oakland School for the Arts and then enter your information.  We will approve your request as soon as possible.

What is the best way to communicate with my kid’s teacher?
All teachers have and read their email. This is the best way to reach out to them. Some will respond right away, others may need a day or even two to respond. Additionally, teachers put their contact information in their syllabus and their blogs/Google Classroom. Teacher blogs/Google Classrooms are a great starting point. Some have Google voice and will tell you texting is best. Finally, do not be afraid to schedule a face to face meeting. Talking in person early in the year with your child’s teacher is especially important if your student has a disability or something has changed in their world.

If for some reason a teacher does not get back to you, email the vice principal, Mr. Oz at moz@oakarts.org. They can make sure you have the right email address and or know if something has changed.

What do I if my student is struggling or has a recent medical issue?
OSA is lucky to have a strong counseling department and they will know how to help. Email Arlyle Schultz at aschultz@oakarts.org  or Wendy Snyder at wsnyder@oakarts.org and they can set up a meeting with the support team, help with 504s, and many other options.

If your student has an IEP, email their case manager. If they do not have a case manager, email the Director of Special Education (cpatz@oakarts.org)

What time does school start? How early can my student arrive?
First period begins at 8:10 for Middle School and 8:15 for High School

Doors open at 7:45

How do parents connect to carpool?
There is a Commuter Sharing group on Konstella


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