There is an alternative for dropping students off in the parking lot bordered by San Pablo between 18th and 19th streets.

Cars may enter the parking lot from 18th and exit onto 19th in order to drop children off for school.

Please check out the map.

Please pull into one of the parking spots if there will be even a brief delay in dropping your child off.

One of the reasons there is such an issue on 18th and 19th streets is children not being ready to jump out of the car as soon as possible so the driver may move into traffic, which has a domino effect of then holding up everyone behind them who does the same and tries to go around your car….. If you are in any doubt that your child is ready to go, pull into a parking spot. If everyone does the same, the way out will always be free and everyone will be able to leave as soon as their child is out of the car. When you leave, please back out slowly and drive cautiously.

Do not back track and drive through 18th afterwards, that totally defeats the purpose and is dangerous.

Be assured we are continuing to work on making the the drop offs on 18th and 19th streets safer. This part of the solution is just easier to implement, and so was available earlier. We are waiting for the city to paint one way arrows, flashing lights and school signs.

If you are interested in being a parent volunteer, or in helping the health and safety committee with any other health and safety issue please let us know.

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