APT Meeting Minutes
January 12, 2016

Welcome — Bob Sommer

  • General Auditions

The 1st round of auditions for next year will be 1/23.
The 2nd round on 3/5.

We need parent help!  Especially need are people to be on the Food Crew.  Ideally there would be two people for the morning and two for the afternoon, for each round of auditions.  Contact Andrea Dance if you are available to help — adance@hotmail.com


Science Department Presentation
— Julie Humphrey, Chair

Julie quickly gave an overview of a longer talk that she recently gave at a conference — from STEM (science-technology-engineering-math) to STEAM (science-technology-engineering-art-math) at OSA.

When she first started telling people she taught an art school, the perception was that it would be hard to teach science to artists.  Our students aren’t hard to teach and many are very interested in both art and science.

The department started thinking about ideas to get kids more interested in science.  STEAM lab?  Robotics?  Maker Lab?  Then they realized that there was no need to invent something because STEAM integration is already happening at OSA.

Some examples:

– Production Design:  teaches students sketch-up, planning, flow chart, color & hue, use of heavy equipment, geometry to build, engineering, costume design, patterning, measurements, chemistry, and more.

–  Visual Arts:  incorporates science with charcoal, life/nature studies, and more.

– Digital Media:  teaches rotoscaping, photoshop, and more.

– Instrumental Music:  teaches intervals, rhythm, and more.

Recently there was an explicit STEAM project — a collaboration between the Science Department and Production Design.  Together they created lighted costumes for the Theater production of Midsummer Night’s Dream.

Additional enrichments that OSA provides:

  • Science Club — there is a weekly Science Club at OSA for middle school students.  Each teacher takes a turn leading the club.  Students are welcome to drop-in whenever they can with no fee.  Wednesdays at 3:30.
  • Robotics Club (see Ms. Kindblat)
  • Technovation, where 8th grade girls build apps.  (See Mr. Oz for more info.)

Following Ms. Humphrey’s talk, parents where invited to connect with the science teachers at their mini-Science Fair at the back of the room.  (Unfortunately Mr. Kemper could make it, but is a valuable member of the science team as well.)

Ms. Bacchus
Mr. Barany
Ms. Baumgartner
Mr. Czechowski
Ms. Kindblat
Mr. Oz
Mr. Underwood

** Thank you to the Science Department for spending the evening with APT! **

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