APT General Meeting Minutes

  1.  David is selling Heart of Oakland t-shirts.  Only $10 and all profit goes to OSA.
  2. Social Studies Department:
    1. Overview:  http://prezi.com/0z223xt6agzw/?utm_campaign=share&utm_medium=copy&rc=ex0share
      • 6th  Ancient World History
      • 7th  Medieval World History
      • 8th  Early US History
      • 9th  Art History (elective)
      • 10th  Modern World History
      • 11th  Modern US History
      • 12th Government/Economics
      • Honors Elective = Sociology
  3. Medieval Monologues:  A collaboration between Social Studies and Theater for the 7th grade class.  All students performed in class, but with the support of Theater teacher Becky Potter, the Theater students also performed as a one-night show.  Monologues were based on the books “Good Masters! Sweet Ladies! Voices from a Medieval Village” by Laura Amy Schlitz and Karen Cushman, and “Catherine Called Birdie” by Karen Cushman.  The backdrop slides were researched and created by the 7th grade students.  Thanks to the students who performed tonight!
  4. Fiona Reed, CA Charter School Association & Charter Nation Program
    1. OSA is a member of CCSA
    2. Alameda County office of education elections happen in June primary election.  Please vote.
    3. website has a lot of information — http://ccsafamilies.org
  5. Staff Appreciation Lunch
    1. scheduled for Th 5/12
    2. Look for sign-ups and info on the google group
  6. APT Board is looking to retool it’s purpose.
    1. We will be meeting with Mr. Harris
    2. Hoping to move toward more active support of teachers
    3. To find out more, come the the next APT Meeting on 5/10.  Food and drink provided
  7. Upcoming:
    1. Broadway on Broadway
    2. Visual Arts Spring Shows
    3. Jazz Show

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