APT General Meeting Minutes

(Thanks to APT for the refreshments!)

Announcement:  Mental Health Workshop, 5/23 6:30-8pm

This is the last APT meeting of the school year.

  1.  Chocolate Sales
    1. Funds were used to fund teacher requests, including the 7th grade origami class, field trip support, and prom support.
    2. Participation was low, so pre-purchased cases were sold to departments at cost to sell at events for profit.
    3. Child who sold most candy is going to be getting a $50 gift card.
  2. Teacher Appreciation
    1. Two events this year, a December breakfast and an upcoming May lunch.
    2. May 26th from 11-1, Mexican theme.  Volunteers needed to help set-up and clean-up — look for link.
  3. Feedback about APT:
    • Liked agenda with Mental Health Department and Academics
    • Helpful to get more communication from teachers about events
    • The 1st meeting was chaotic.  Maybe hold it at Sweets instead of the Student Center?
    • Would appreciate having something more than just committee check-ins at meetings.
    • Would like college info, especially a parent-to-parent forum
    • Better tracking of volunteers
    • Better advertising about how notes go out
    • 6th grade parent concerns about BART.  Also could be addressed parent-to-parent, but need a forum
    • Weekend orientation for new families — for children and parents.  (some happened this year, but more needed)
    • Feels too chaotic to give time instead of money
    • Communication is off.  Too much online.  Use “school loop” instead?
    • Disconnect between parents/APT/emphasis/academics/administration
      • structure hasn’t changed but the school has doubled
    • FAQ for new families needed.  Could be a working document, with info added as needed.  Info wanted:
      • Monday early release
      • How to support my student  (PowerSchool, blogs, appropriate middle/high school support, etc)
      • Online communication
      • How to sign-up to receive each type of communication
      • 1st day of school checklist
      • APT Info, how to join APT
      • Understanding emphasis vs. academics vs. leadership
      • Handbook
      • Sports / Afterschool options
      • History of OSA — context and vision
      • Transportation / public transportation options
        • 1/2 price BART tickets/Clipper cards — where to get
      • Safety and info about area crimes
      • Calendars (especially a combined events calendar!)
      • Web links
      • Phone chargers
      • Who to call when sick and what can be expected for make-up work
      • Performance opportunities and the hierarchy of training/opportunities to avoid disappointments
      • Sign-in process
      • Lines of communication — who to talk to about facilities, academics, etc.
      • Stuff to know in HS/MS
      • More info needed for new families about structure of APT and how to be involved
  4. APT looked at it’s purpose at the last Board meeting.
    1. Communication not always reciprocal with departments
    2. Accept diminished attendance as the year goes on
    3. Event in Sept/Oct
    4. Chocolate sales earlier
    5. Support teachers — divide any money earned between academic teachers
      • Can APT maintain teacher wish lists??  — Will try
    6. Will eliminate Board meetings
    7. Director is on-board with new structure
    8. APT more membership driven group
  5. Donn Harris
    1. legal requirement for local control funding
    2. LCAP plan for next year
    3. Library/Librarian
    4. Sweets sound
    5. Student Deans that are fulltime
    6. Three-year plan coming
    7. Keeping momentum — improving relationship between APT and admin/staff

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