OSA APT 10/18/16

Mike Oz OSA High School Principal
Presentation LINK :  https://prezi.com/gt1cnx8cdwvw/osa-student-life/

Interim executive council of 4 while a search for new ED takes place
? about communication, such as director’s coffee in past
needs : how to…get lunch, logistics of the daily routine/handbook for  new parents

all need to use blog (daily/weekly front loaded – not happening, tell Oz/Smith

Who to contact about what – the void of the apt google group…
Update on faculty changes/shifts from osa

Oz-  Reach out to us with any questions (Smith/Oz) email anything its important to him!

Oz- stay on google group, do not feel like you cannot post, keep it up!
Parent feedback – Learn how to reply all or tone person(protocol)
Emphasis groups in theater are divided into  HS/MS

Oz OSA Student Life presentation (requested by Ms. Snyder)
Curran Partnership
Fun Home
Friday 1/27 after finals…
8-12th grade, opt in for 6/7 building community effort to show up
chaperones (10:1 ratio)
$20 trip including BART and tickets
Reduced rate for families Sat and Sun for opening weekend
Incorporate elements of show to classroom curriculum – read graphic novel!


YouTube channel set up in process
Wynton Marsalis master class for instrumental music
Delta Rae Hardly Strictly Bluegrass

Meeting information for High School Club
Open to MS as well.
STEAM for MS as well – Hands On Science, Guardian Gym, technology

? is there a place online for these to be announced?
Smith to add to her blog
On Weekly Announcements for students

Wendy – Communications 
APT Google group intended to be a safe space for all
Settings on group have been altered, and more changes can be made
APTOAS.org needs updating – could improve communications.  Call to anyone to volunteer to update it

OSA News building a team to translate to Spanish, call for parents for that as well   Let Wendy know!

APT Meeting on Election night not gonna happen!  WOULDN’T BE PRUDENT

Nicolette- Safety
Last year the driving signage was completed  

Matt – Introduced APT Teacher grants, need to fundraise 

Jessica Strick- MS Spanish
Jessica Strick- parent- Monday after school MS Spanish through Montclair program as enrichment coming soon, 2 sections of pilot program.  Details in the works, as low as $3.50/student/class. 20 kids/section, need for parents to help facilitate/put classroom back together afterwards.

? Monday crowded in after school due to early release.  Plan to get additional room if adults can supervise (SMITH)

Summer – Request for Volunteers
Need assistance for co-president, co-treasurer, content manager for website, point person for Curran trip, fundraising

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