APT  Meeting

1.  Welcome

2.  Language Class Update

  • aiming for a 2nd semester pilot, to start 2/1.
  • open to 20-25 middle-school students only
  • M 1:15-2pm AND W 3:30-4:15
  • more details to come

3.  Survey Updates

  • 60 responses, but not to late to add you voice
  • from the survey, parents want:
    • to hear about what students are doing
    • create a non-emphasis connection
    • information on helping kids juggle/balance
    • diversity
    • supportive of challenge day
  • APT wants to open a framework for parents to lead discussions around these and other issues.  Parents are invited to present on topics — contact Nicolette or Mark if interested.  Parent Cat Brooks will be speaking in January about Black Lives Matter.
  • Comments:
    • APT group emails are annoying — too much
    • While supportive of challenge day, would like to see more follow-up with students.

4.  Request for Volunteers

    • We still need more people to be on the APT Board:  Co-VP, newsletter editor, google/website help.

5.  Field trip to Fun Home

  • 1/27 at Curran Theatre.  $25 (includes ticket and bart), bring a lunch
  • for HS students it is an opt out, for MS it is an opt in.  MS must RSVP by 12/15.
  • 114 parents volunteered to chaperone, but we only need 20.  To be selected by lottery.
  • Thanks to Summer for helping to coordinate this big group!  About 500 kids are going.

6.  Lost & Found

  • HUGE!  Please check before break as all will be donated over the vacation.

7.  Linda Ricciardi, School of Fashion Design

  • 1st year as a department
  • 21 students
  • It is the one of the only Fashion Design HS programs in the country.
  • 1st Exhibition Show opes this Thursday from 6-9 in the White Box, called #Done and includes costume, fashion and make-up.  6 seniors showing.  Free.
  • Thank you to VA, PD and Theater for helping!
  • There is also a Fashion Magazine.  The first official edition will be available at the show for $8
  • Got good PR for the department with the PBS video “from Sketch to Runway”
  • So happy to be a department
  • Also still working with costuming and make-up for Theater

8.  APT Fundraiser

  • Hoping to earn money to be able to give academic teachers a small stipend.  Would like to earn about $8000 to give about $200 per teacher.
  • Ads placed in the OSA News go directly toward this goal.
  • Also working on the possibility of some sort of auction.

9.  Michaela Peters — Auditions coming up

  • 371 applications processed
  • Volunteers needed for Audition Day 1/14.  Contact Romy Douglas or your department
  • Selection process has some changes.
    • Students still must audition, but essay and recommendation letters are not optional
    • If there are more qualified applicants than spaces available, students will be selected by lottery
    • Step It Up still has a separate audition
    • Siblings are not in the lottery — qualified sibs are admitted directly
    • Oakland students are prioritized in the lottery
    • Lottery and status letters will go out only after 2nd audition date.
    • Applicants can’t audition at both 1st & 2nd audition (unless there are some extenuating circumstances.

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