Vol: 16 No: 19 February 9, 2018



OSA Arts Festival: Future Spaces


Volunteer Job Descriptions

Please donate your time to support our students during this wonderful event! Sign Up to Volunteer Here

Chair Set Up:  9:00 – 10:30 am on 3/3
Meet in Student Center for debrief. Unload chairs from racks and set them up in venue. Rack pick up locations will be in the Student Center and Sweets Ballroom. Move chairs from Student Center to Dance studio and White Box (they only need 20).  

Venue Set Up and Décor:  9:00 – 10:30 am on 3/3
Help beautify each venue space.  Ensure that trash is picked up, items on shelves are straightened, surfaces look clean, and venue space is presentable and ready for the public. Each Dept. chair will have specifics guidelines for their particular venue needs.

Venue Clean Up:  After last performance on 3/3 and 3/4; 1 hour
Job Description on 3/3: Pick up trash in venue, straighten chairs, wipe down surfaces, make sure items on shelf are straightened, set up ticket taking chairs and tables for Sunday’s shows, place all trash bags directly outside of venue door. Note: chairs do not need to be put away as they will be used the following day for shows.
Job Description on 3/4: Fold chairs and return them to their racks in the Student Center. For classrooms that had chairs already in the venue, ensure that chairs are stacked and placed in an orderly fashion in the room.  Pick up trash, wipe down all surfaces, make sure items on shelves are straightened, and take down any signs on doors/windows. Place all trash bags directly outside of venue door.

Ushers:  Arrive 30 minutes before performance; 1.75 hours
Help audience to their seats. Help manage the traffic flow before and after the show.  Ensure that show starts and ends on time (all shows will run 45 minutes – 1 hour). Help clear venue after show.

Ticket Takers:  Arrive 45 minutes prior to each showtime; 1 hour
Set up ticket taking tables and chairs.  Use alphabetical will call list to check people in for each show.
Note: The majority of the sales for the festival will be online. For audience members that would like to purchase tickets on the day of the show, we will have three box offices (Sweets, Newberry, and 19th St. elevator area of the Black Box). Ticket takers in each venue will solely be checking people in at will-call. They will not be dealing with any cash or ticket purchasing.

Green Room Chaperone:  Arrive 30 minutes before performance; 1.75 hours
Keep students quiet and organized within the classroom throughout performance. Monitor hallways outside of classroom to make sure students aren’t wandering.  Monitor student bathroom visits.  Set up designated secure space in the room for students to put their personal belongings.  Set up food per department chair’s instructions. Pick up trash throughout the day, wipe down all surfaces, make sure items on shelves are not touched, make sure teachers desk is not touched.  Generally make sure that the room is kept quiet and orderly. Post ends 15 minutes after performance ends.

Spread the Word!

Tell your friends and family; email a link to OSA Arts Festival; invite friends to our FB event page at OSA Arts Festival FB Event Page; distribute post cards; ask your kids to help spread the word!


Since space is limited, we encourage you to purchase your tickets asap!  Purchase Tickets Here

If you are experiencing problems accessing Konstella, please contact Meg McAdam.







Juniors and Seniors: A representative from the Black College Expo will be coming on Tues, February 13th during 4th period to the Student Center.  She will be explaining how to prepare for the Black College Expo on Saturday, February 17th – what to bring and how to present yourself when you talk to colleges.  Sign up with Ms. Snyder by emailing her at wsnyder@oakarts.org or coming by her office.

Juniors and Seniors: Mills College is having a preview and admissions day on Sat, Feb 10th at Mills College in Oakland.  Seniors who are female with a cumulative GPA of 3.2 will be considered for admission on the spot. Email Ms. Snyder for how to register or Google “Mills Preview and Admission Day.”




OSA’s Black History Month
Community Celebration


The APT-POC, BSU and BSOC have joined to host a Community Celebration in honor of Black History Month.

February 23 from 6:30pm – 8pm at Sweet’s Ballroom. Tickets are $3, which includes a pasta dinner.

Special performances by OSA High School and Middle School Students, and YGB

All ages are welcome.



Every year, OSA 7th and 10th graders experience the impact of this day of social emotional learning.

Imagine a school where everyone feels safe, loved and celebrated. Imagine enemies finding common ground and making peace; friends healing past hurts and making amends; people igniting their passion for service and leadership; adults and youth working together to create a school where everyone is included and thrives.

This is Challenge Day.

We need a total of 30 volunteers. OSA will be hosting Challenge Day on Wednesday, March 14th for 10th grade and Thursday, March 15th for 7th graders. This is a wonderful opportunity to support the OSA community, address bullying, build empathy and make positive change.

Volunteers are part of the entire day from 8:00 to 3:30. Information and links to videos about Challenge Day and testimonials can be found at http://www.challengeday.org/volunteer/

Email Wendy Snyder at wsnyder@oakarts.org if you would like to volunteer.




Audio Production and Design After Hours

MS & HS, All Emphases Welcome

2 Terms Left:

February 5th – March 2nd (Except Presidents Day, February 19th)
March: 5th – 29th

In the Recording Studio (room 305)
4:30 – 6, Tuesday – Friday
during regularly scheduled school days

$500 per student per session; 8 seats available
Not open to current AP&E students

“Audio Production After Hours” is an opportunity for students outside of the AP&E emphasis to get an introduction to the music production process, and the tools used in creating original projects. Course Topics: Software Instruments, Microphones, Signal Flow, DAWS, MIDI

If you have any questions feel free to email Mr. McGovern at cmcgovern@oakarts.org




Important Dates

  • 2/13 – APT and Emphasis Meetings; Student Center; 6pm
  • 2/19 – President’s Day – SCHOOL CLOSED
  • 2/20 – APT – POC meeting; Student Center, 6:30pm
  • 2/23 – Black History Month Community Celebration, Sweets Ballroom, 6:30pm-8pm
  • 3/2-3/3 – OSA Arts Festival: Future Spaces
  • 3/8 OSAEST Presents: Executive Functioning Symposium; Student Center; 6pm



Important Links





The Parent Trap!

This is where you’ll find information about any and all fun events, activities and classes shared by parents for parents.




All grade levels are invited to participate:
The F3 Awards are open for student entries in 4 different contests for awards of $250-$1,000.  The law firm of Fagen, Friedman, and Frost LLP (F3) is an advocate for excellent education and committed to celebrating success in public education.   F3 is offering a series of awards for students who attend California public schools in the following areas:

  1. Essay writing
  2. Photography
  3. Art
  4. Environmental Education

For details about the contests, refer to F3 site at: https://www.f3law.com/f3studentawards

Due Date: 2/28/18




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News item submissions (deadline-end of school-day Wednesday) osanews@aptosa.org
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