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OSA News for Oakland School for the Arts

Submission Guidelines for the OSA Newsletter

For the copy:
We’re going to try to work without an exact character count limit. On the rare occasion that the copy is too long, we may opt to publish grabber content with a hyperlink to the rest of the details. You are welcome to submit the request in this format or we will do it for you, but only if necessary. Most submissions are fine as is.

For the graphics:
Your visual elements should be in gif, jpg or png format (no pdf’s), 72dpi and no wider than 600px. There should be no info text on the art. We’re keeping visuals and info separate for readability. We may resize the images to maintain a good visual flow in the newsletter.

A note about flyers:
With the old newsletter style, it was common to see lots of flyers inserted into the document. With our new format, flyers don’t really work. The reason is two-fold: 1. A change in technology and 2. our goal is to have a more uniform look to the newsletter so that it flows. Text and an optional graphic work nicely but flyers will not be used. If you submit a flyer, we will extract the information and format it to meet our guidelines but we prefer you do that for us.

Newsletters will be published Monthly, on or about the 15th of each month. Please submit your request to osanews@aptosa.org by 5th of each month. Sooner is very much appreciated!

If you have any questions or submissions, just email us.

Thank you,

The newsletter crew


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