OSA Yearbook Photo Submissions

Photos from actual cameras are preferable, but smartphone pictures might work if they are well lit and higher quality – 1000 pixel photos are the basic requirement. We appreciate all photos but strongly encourage them to be group photos from off-campus events, field trips, performances, informal gatherings, etc. Of course – amazing photos are always welcome, even if it’s a close-up of one student.

When sending/sharing the pictures please put in the subject line or the filename of the photos either the emphasis event you are taking pictures at, or the students you are taking pictures of. You can either share the photos from your Google account with yearbook@students.oakarts.org or email your photos to yearbook@students.oakarts.org.

By sending Oakland School for the Arts (OSA) photographs, OSA shall own all right, title, and interest, including the copyright, to be used for promotional purposes including without limitation to distribute all manner, format, and media. For any more questions please feel free to contact the email mentioned above.

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