Exciting News!!

OSA APT is hosting “The World’s Finest Chocolate” Fundraiser just in time for the holidays!! I would like to invite you to help your OSA Student by participating in the upcoming APT fundraiser.

The fundraising sales will begin on Tuesday night 12/8/2015 (APT Meeting) Permission slips and chocolate cases will be available to take home, as well as Wednesday night (Reading Event) details to follow.

Additional cases can be obtained on assigned days or appointment with $60.00 payment for previous cases received (dates to follow).
The fundraising sales will end on Wednesday 01/06/2016, all monies due at that time, we will set up a table in the student center at the end of the day to finalize these transactions.
We will be providing one case per participating student if they have a signed parent permission slip (which will be available online Friday 12/4/2015).

OSA Middle school students will be selling candy bars at $1.00 each (60 bars per case).
OSA High school students will be selling candy bars at $2.00 each (30 bars per case).

We will be offering prizes at all levels, including grand prizes for the most sold at both the Middle and High School levels (donations needed if anyone has any tickets, gift cards, etc if would be greatly appreciated).

This fundraiser is very important to fund existing costs and proposed needs/wants that would benefit our school and OSA students that are not covered by the school or departments, such as Learning Center (staff/etc), Health & Safety Program, Teacher Appreciation Days, Upgrade every classroom with a “Fan” (for those hot stuffy days), Provide Anti-bully materials (Signs, video, printed, etc), Provide “free” water at all school dances (Igloo’s/cups, water bottles), Reading counts program (Teacher desired books for the classrooms-beginning with the english classrooms), Homecoming event (Dance, etc), Field trip fund, Senior class fund, Possible 8th grade event/trip fund,

We have a lot of expenses to make our school great for our kids, lets do what we can to help raise money to fund some/all of these needs/wants that aren’t covered anywhere else, but mean a lot to the students and staff.

Please check back often, I will be providing updates regarding this fundraising event in the next few days.
We hope that the fundraiser will be a huge success and appreciate your help and participation in this school wide OSA Event.

Thank you,
Summer G, VP

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